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Andrew Vilks

Cold touch of Electronic music with Teutonic flavour in sunny Malta!

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Andrew Vilks

crusade for unique sound which took more than 20 years, from vinyl records on underground techno events to controllers and synthesizers in biggest baltic nightclubs

Andrew Vilks - Dj, Producer, Promouter and one of the founders of X-Promo Promotion label which was quite known on local Latvian electronic music scene. Some years ago he decided to move from cold baltic weather and settle down in sunny Malta as a bohemian expat with unique musical taste. More than 20 Years of journey in electronic music crusade translates into amazing dj sets where each single techno or house track is a raw gem.

He started his dj career back in 1996 by playing techno vinyl records on underground rave parties in Latvia under the nickname of Dj Vitamin. One year later he started to do experiments with sounds by producing his own techno tracks on Yamaha sequenser (QY70) and SU700 sampler. In 1999 his own tracks appeared on Janis Krauklis (one of the Latvian oldest and most respectable dj) radio program, and in Top10 Latvian Electronic music radio chart.

In 2000 he becomes a co-founder of X-Promo Promotion label, and started to work as a promoter in cooperation with big Latvian night clubs such as: “Nautilus”, “Tonuss”, “Banzai”. Together with other X-Promo co-founder Dj Drozd he played on biggest Baltic Electronic Music events: Tundra Festival, Sun Dance Music Festival, Summer House, SISI Festival, Global Rave, 4Block, Therapy Sessions, Electronic Music Sunrise, Music Revolution, Dance 2 Trance, Fort Sunrise.

Right now Andrew is more interested in studio work and smaller nightclub events.



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